Gold Bridge Seminar and Family Gathering

This time the event took place in Seruni Puncak Hotel in Bogor. Crews and their family are invited to gather and join Seminar and Family Gathering. Topics of seminars covered all aspects of  shipmanagement including technical, safety, operation, commercial, and crew. Joining the seminar and Family Gathering are Capt Jalal Uddin, Mr. CP Cheng, Capt Bambang Purnomo, Mr. Mikael Purba, and Mr. Riza Padian.

The seminar followed by Family Gathering. Not only we want to thank our crews for all dedication with the company for years, but also we want the crews to continue to have belonging sense to the company so that they took ownership to vessel they manned. By inviting the crews and  family for a family outing and gathering, we want to motivate our crews and hope that our crews always to put their best effort whilst working on board vessel. We fully understand that only with team work of everyone, on shore and on board, the company goals can be reached.

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