Technical Management

Member of BLT Group, A dedicated ship management service with most experience, skillful and compliance to any ship owner expectations as well as the latest maritime industry requirements including but not limited to OCIMF/SIRE

GBS aim has always been an effective and efficient ship management to maintain the vessels to its fullest utilization and acceptable conditions with the full support by experience shore employee and seafarer, in-house PMS and well controlled docking plan and procurement service

Very familiar and well established relationship with high quality and competitive subcontractor such dockyards and workshop, supplier and other service provider is definetely support our quality service to the shipowners

Crew Management

With more than 2500 crew databases with various qualifications and experiences.

We are able to comply with oil majors’ rigorous crew matrix requirements for officers, enabling owners to comply with oil major vettings.

Our in-house training center includes Full Bridge & Engine Simulator, Computer Based Training and TRANSAS ECDIS Type-Specific training with approved trainer from TRANSAS. We too carry out various Loss Prevention in-house training to benefit all stakeholders. Our officers and crews comply with Standard Training and Certification of Watchkeeping (STCW) 2010 Manila and Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) requirements.

Commercial Operator

Via our extensive commercial network, we offer competitive chartering activities and ensures that Ship Owners have their fleets operating in the best trading regions. Our commercial team continues to analyze market trends in rapidly changing environments and monitors emerging opportunities closely.

Insurance and Claims

We are able to assist Shipowners on H&M, P&I and FDD insurance coverages for ship, cargo and crews. We have extensive experiences in handling all types of incidents and claims in relation with ship operation, such as: Pollution, Cargo Shortage/Contamination, Demurrage, Collision, Piracy, Hull & Machinery and Crew Illness/Injuries claims.

Shipbuilding and Conversion

We are able to assist Shipowners in carrying out feasibility studies, designing, sourcing suitable ship builders/yards, contract negotiations, plan approval, performing periodical site inspections and ship delivery activities.

Sale and Purchase

We have experienced more than 100 vessel Sales & Purchases (S&P). We can represent Shipowners with their S&P activities, including but not limited to pre-purchase inspection, contract negotiation, document preparation, delivery.

Crisis Management

Risk in ship operations can be high, multiple small incidences can turn into a major crisis. We have good experiences in handling Crisis professionally, which we will be able to render such support to Shipowners.

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